About Fit Kids America

Mission Statement: Fit Kids America strives to fight childhood obesity by inspiring kids at a young age to find the love of fitness. By incorporating movement at a young age, chances are they will stay active into adulthood.

Fit Kids America is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

  • About the Program

    Fit Kids America is NOT an after school daycare program. We operate and instruct our own classes at no cost to the school/district. We are best known for our after-school enrichment classes. These classes are scheduled and divided into sessions in accordance to your school’s calendar, each session is only 8-12 weeks long.

    In addition to after school classes, Fit Kids America offers: Online Zoom Classes; Lunchtime Plays; Pop-up Neighborhood Classes; Day-Off Camps; Seasonal Camps; Parent/Teacher Conference Power Hours; Graduation Celebrations... and

  • About the Classes

    Each class is sport/activity specific. All grade levels may sign up for each class unless stated otherwise (e.g. varying bell schedules). Minimal space is used for each class. Our goal is to fit multiple classes in one outside area, such as the field. *Indoor arrangements may be made as necessary

    We understand that after school care uses most spaces, so we may work closely with the coordinators to ensure we do not use any space they need.

Why Us?

  • For the KIDS

    They learn fundamentals of structured classes while building self esteem/confidence.

  • For the PARENTS

    Convenient for busy schedules! Great introduction to sports and activities at any level.

  • For the COMMUNITY

    Improves students' test scores and behaviors. Community building perks & Fundraising opportunities.