Fit Kids America began with introducing fitness classes to our youth directly at their schools! While we have successfully introduced over 70+ activities, many of which started as fitness-based sports, we recently added non-fitness-related classes to ensure we are exercising our brains as well as exercising our bodies! With Fit Kids America, we make fitness FUN!
  • Arts & Crafts

    Enjoy Art? This will be the class for you. Bring your artistic and creative side to life. Get ready to be creative, learn, and have lots of fun. We will make crafts, paint, work with clay, etc... Everything they make they will get to take home! An assortment of different art techniques will be taught, while allowing your imagination to soar.

  • Basketball

    Got Game? Learn all the skills it takes to be a master on the court! Learn how to improve your shooting, passing, catching and rebounding skills! Instructors will teach you about player positioning, dribbling, ball handing and team concepts. Instruction includes offensive tactics such as shot selection and scoring while defensive tactics emphasize positioning and pressure from various areas of the court.

  • Cheerleading

    Show your spirit! Learn all the basics in cheerleading during this fun class! Cheers, chants, kicks and jumps are just part of the things you'll learn on your way to becoming a top notch cheerleader! Then get ready to learn the latest dance moves to all your favorite music. This is a high energy class where students receive step by step instruction on cheer and dancing. Each dance routine is broken down into easy to learn individual movements. We bring the dance studio to you!

  • Cooking

    No matter where we live we all have one thing in common: Eating! Our chef brings all the elements of fun to the kitchen table as she and the Junior Chefs collaborate on delicious recipes from a new region of the world each week. With a foundation of kitchen safety and nutrition, students will create unique dishes to take home while also gaining an appreciation for what food really is and where it comes from. We will learn measuring, seasonings, kitchen vocabulary, how to follow a recipe, and much more. This technique-based, hands-on approach to learning will make being a Junior Chef the most fun part of their day!

  • Dodgeball

    That’s right, dodgeball and kickball are finally here! Fit Kids America is bringing these two fast paced, high-energy sports to your campus! Participants will be able to have fun learning the basics of these two sports. For dodgeball, participants will fine-tune their catching and throwing abilities while increasing their reaction times. We play with soft foam balls. Kickball is an exciting game that allows students to incorporate a variety of sports/skills such as soccer, baseball, and dodgeball. Students will also develop better hand-eye coordination that will help them progress in a variety of different sports. This class is for everyone that is ready to have fun!

  • Flag Football

    Ready for some football! Learn football basics through drills, obstacle courses and strength training with an emphasis on team work. Increase agility, speed and self esteem. Intramural games will be played each class. No tackling, just fun! Super Bowl will be played on the last day of the session. Groups will be split by age and ability. Perfect for kids of all skill levels!

  • Frisbee Golf

    Ever heard of frisbee golf? It's the best of both sports combined into one! Participants will learn how to properly throw frisbees to improve both accuracy and distance.Targets will be set up by coaches to "mimic" a frisbee golf course so participants can practice on a mock course. Coaches may even demonstrate their own unique styles of frisbee throwing that can help in situations where you have to throw around obstacles.

  • Handball/Wallball

    So fun at recess, we brought it to you after school! Learn new ways to play, and have fun with your friends in this exciting, fast-paced activity. Coaches may introduce variations of the game to keep students on their toes as they adapt to fun new challenges.

  • Mathletes (Brain Games)

    Students will learn how to quickly solve arithmetic problems using various flashcards (Multiplication, Subtraction, Addition). In addition, students will be able to have fun with various logic puzzles (Rubik's cubes, Rubik's snakes). Each student will receive worksheets/workbooks and have the chance to compete with each other solving problems solo or on teams!

  • Multi-Sport

    Never get bored in this Multi-Sport class! Class features will include a new sport every week; weekly scrimmages; speed drills; endurance training; agility obstacles; balance testing; experienced based learning; and play making class. Weekly activities include traditional sports like Flag Football, Basketball, & Soccer. To mix up the fun we'll have Dodgeball, Field Games, and more!

  • Soccer

    Kids will learn the following skills: kicking, dribbling, striking, goalkeeping, passing and ball control. Instructors utilize cone drills and various fun activities to increase these skills through practice. At the end of every class, there are scrimmages where the kids put those skills to use.

  • Tennis

    Our tennis program incorporates the newly developed Quickstart program. It's an exciting new play format for learning tennis, designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring. It's the fast, fun way to get kids into tennis and keep them playing

  • Track & Field

    On your marks, get set, GO! Join us after school for an hour of speed and agility training. Over the session, students will sprint, hurdle over cones, long jump, high jump, and participate in other fun and SAFE events! Students will set their weekly, monthly, and session goals for coaches to track and review with them to encourage athletic development. See you on the field!

  • Volleyball

    This class is designed to help players learn and develop a basic understanding of volleyball (Rules, scoring, team positions). The class will include instruction on the basic skills of serving, passing, setting, attacking and blocking. The class will also cover offensive and defensive tactics to encourage cooperative and strategic play.

  • Yoga

    The key is making yoga fun for all! Classes encourage a deep sense of body awareness, self-exploration and interpersonal skills with cooperative yoga games to inspire positive peer interactions that they are sure to carry into their everyday lives. Every child will gain confidence with balancing poses, breathing exercises, and creative relaxation techniques to grow understanding of themselves and others.

Interested in a sport or activity that is NOT yet listed?

Feel free to contact us regarding the sport or activity you want to see at your school TODAY!