We offer multiple ways for participants to register for our programs. 

  • Online

  • Over the Phone

  • Via Email

If you choose to register online, you will be taken to the main Fit Kids America website. (

If you choose to register over the phone, you may call or text our office number.

If you choose to register via email, you may send a message to our admin email or submit a contact form with the necessary information provided.

If you have any questions about our registration process, please feel free to contact us prior to registering. 


    To register online, please visit our parent website at:

    Then follow the steps listed below:

    1. Search for your school

    2. Select the class you want

    3. Fill out the registration form

    4. Submit your payment

    BOOM! Participant will be added to the class!

    Don't see your school/class option? Call or email us for details.


    To register over the phone:

    Call/Text our office number

    (323) 740-9300

    Be prepared to answer questions regarding the participant', as well as information about the class of interest.


    To register via email, conact:

    Include the following in the email:
    - Participant's Name

    - School

    - Grade Level

    - Teacher

    - Class of interest (Session/Day/Times)

    - Pick-up notes/After school care notes

    - Additional notes

    And someone will contact you shortly to get the participant registered!